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International Journal of Engineering and Technology (JET) is a peer-reviewed journal publishing papers of significance in all areas of sciences and also in various engineering fields including aeronautic, civil, environmental, hydraulic and mechanical, electrical and electronics, computer science and information technology, general technical studies etc. Articles include original research papers, reviews and short research communications. Submissions of research on any fields mentioned above are considered. The journal has a distinctive and balanced international contribution, with emphasis on papers addressing practical problem-solving by means of robust numerical techniques and those fostering the thorough understanding of the physics.

Focal points of the journal are:

  • Innovative computational strategies, architectures, algorithms and techniques for engineering problems
  • Analysis and simulation techniques and systems
  • Quality and reliability, i.e. control of the accuracy, stability and efficiency of computational process
  • New computing environments such as distributed heterogeneous and collaborative computing
  • Advanced visualization techniques, virtual environments and prototyping
  • Automatic generation of model and mesh
  • Application of object-oriented technology to engineering problems
  • Applications of artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems, decision-support systems, fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary computations
  • Computer-aided design and integrated systems
  • Industrial experiences in the application of the above techniques, e.g. case studies or bench-marking exercises.

The journal publishes research papers, review articles, technical notes, discussions and book reviews. Submission papers must include innovative results and findings; clearly mention the results, comparison with existing related paper works, describing the experimental and computational processes.